How can your LIXI bring you profit every day? Meet staking!

If you have already changed your CPT for LIXI, you must be interested in the value of the newly obtained tokens, especially their long term value. We have found a wonderful way to maintain the sustainability and growth of the value of the tokens while helping every single user and the whole project in general.

For this reason, we have added an absolutely new functionality to the personal account, that is staking.

Every verified user who possesses LIXI can any time transfer any amount of LIXI tokens to a special staking-account using his personal account.

While the tokens remain in this account it will not be possible to make transactions with them and every second the user’s account will be credited with LIXIGOLD tokens equivalent to 15% of the sum of the LIXI placed in the staking per month.*

Example: a user has 1 000 000 LIXI that he has transferred to the staking. At the current exchange rate of the internal CPT Point exchange it equates to around 35 000 $. In this case the user’s monthly passive income will amount to 5 250 LIXIGOLD.

The user can withdraw the earned LIXIGOLD to his usual wallet without any loss any time. There is also an opportunity to launch the withdrawal of the LIXI that are blocked on the staking to your main account.

The unlocking procedure will take 14 days and during this time no staking yield will be credited to the user’s account for the LIXI that are under the unlocking procedure. At the end of this period the LIXI that has been withdrawn from the staking will become available for the user to make transactions with them in his usual wallet.

We are glad to invite you to test the new tool!

“Go to your personal account”

  • The rate will be fixed until October 31, 2021. Hurry up to receive the maximum profit!