Golden Phoenix Program: Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2

Dear users, we continue answering your questions regarding the launch of the new LIXI token.

— Will Latoken convert my CPTs to LIXI?

— The new LIXI coin circulates only within the CPT Point platform and has no connection with external exchanges such as Latoken or HitBTC. To exchange CPT for LIXI, CPT tokens should be transferred into your personal account on the CPT Point platform.

— When will the new LIXI tokens be transferred to Latoken exchange?

— So far, we do not plan to list LIXI on third-party exchanges. Our main goal now is to ensure liquidity on the CPT Point platform. However we will also make it possible to convert LIXI into other assets which can be then withdrawn.

— What about the distribution of LIXI tokens? 

— The exchange of CPT for LIXI will not lead to a redistribution of tokens — those who own CPT tokens and exchange them for LIXI will own the same number of new LIXI tokens. Those who do not exchange remain the owners of CPT tokens.

— What platform is the Cryptaur blockchain based on? Why we can’t find it on github? Is there a blockchain explorer to track transactions on the Cryptaur blockchain?

— Cryptaur Blockchain is completely our own development. The project was available on github for over a year, but then this information, together with the blockchain explorer data, was used by cybercriminals to carry out hacker attacks. In order to increase the security of our system, both the source code and the explorer were hidden from public access. Currently we are working with external auditors reviewing the security of the system we have developed. Upon completion of this work, the source code will be open again.

— My CPT tokens are stored in MyEtherWallet, how can I exchange them for LIXI?

— To exchange CPT for LIXI, you need to transfer them to the CPT Point platform.

— How long will the work on opening withdrawals to external wallets take? 

— The work is close to the final stage. This is what allows us to actively continue the further development of the project.

— How can LIXI be withdrawn to an external wallet?

— The new LIXI coin is planned to circulate only on the CPT Point platform. With that said, we are working to ensure LIXI liquidity and create opportunities to convert them into assets that can be withdrawn to external wallets.

— Will CPT be removed from circulation?

— The CPT token will not be removed from circulation. The exchange of CPT for LIXI will always be available at a one-to-one rate.

— Why is LIXI planned to be selling only for BTC?

— We are considering the possibility of implementing a fiat gateway for buying LIXI, also buying with other cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, can become possible.