Golden Phoenix: Frequently Asked Questions

Dear users, please find below the answers to the most frequent questions regarding the upcoming launch of the new LIXI token.

— Is the CPT to LIXI exchange obligatory for the holders?

— The exchange is not obligatory, and it can be done anytime using the fixed one-to-one rate. The only point we draw your attention to is that the time needed to unlock LIXI tokens received for CPT starts being counted from the moment of the exchange. This, the earlier the exchange is done, the earlier the corresponding amount of LIXI tokens becomes available for the user’s transactions.

— Is it fair to freeze 95% of tokens in the exchange process?

— This exchange is optional for CPT holders. By agreeing to the exchange, the user agrees to its terms. Freezing of tokens is necessary in order to ensure a smoother transition to the new token and avoid sharp rate fluctuations, so this measure is in the common interests of all holders.

— What happens to the CPT token after the launch of the LIXI token?

— The CPT token will remain in circulation and will be available for trading on all existing platforms (HitBTC, Latoken, CPT Point). Its value will be determined by its availablitiy for exchange for the LIXI token that will be used as the settlement unit in the Cryptaur economy.

— I keep my CPT tokens on a third-party exchange (Latoken / HitBTC), and the withdrawal fee is unacceptably high. 

— There’s always an option to postpone the transfer until the CPT price rises or the Ethereum network’s transaction fees plunge.

— What are the advantages of LIXI over CPT?

  1. The freezing of LIXI tokens during the initial exchange as well the exclusion of CPT tokens stolen during the two hacker attacks from circulation will lead to a very limited number of LIXI tokens being in free circulation. This will stimulate LIXI rates and help market makers to effectively work on its promotion in the market.
  2. A new-generation digital asset marketplace based on LIXI will be launched soon. This is an essential part of our program of switching to the newest economic models that make their path to the global financial system.
  3. The new token’s technical implementation also plays a significant role: LIXI operates on the basis of the Cryptaur private blockchain, which is orders of magnitude faster than Ethereum and allows transactions without commission fees.

— When the withdrawal of ETH from user accounts to external platforms will become possible?

— We are working on it, as well as on special conditions and benefits for ETH holders.