Getting to know DeFI: how to place tokens with The Wall Loan

Recently, The Wall Loan – the first DeFi service of The Wall Global project – has been launched. It allows some users to place profitably their funds as loan offers, and other users – to use these loans on the security of their wall areas.

Now it is time to figure out how the service works in more detail. We will start with telling you how to place your funds with The Wall Loan. The only prerequisite for doing this is to have a small amount of MATIC coins in your Metamask wallet in the Polygon network.

Go to The Wall Loan and select “My liquidity” from the menu. Initially, the only button you will see on the page will be “Add liquidity”, press it.

A form to create a loan offer will appear. You will need to fill in the following fields:

* Loan amount – the size of your loan offer in MATIC coins. That is the number of MATIC coins that you are ready to lend against one wall area situated in the zone of your interest. You should take into account that maybe your loan will not be repaid. Therefore, the size of your loan offer should be equal to a price that would be favourable enough for you to buy the area that is used as collateral.

* Refund amount – the amount of funds in MATIC coins that has to be refunded to you to repay your loan.

* Duration – the loan repayment period, in days. If the borrower fails to repay the whole sum of the loan within the required period, the area the borrower has given as collateral will be transferred to you.

* Liquidity zone – a rectangular zone on the wall space defined by its coordinates. Only the areas from this zone will be able to be used as collateral to secure the loan you offer. It makes it possible for you to define the zone of your interest. In fact, you offer other users to sell you an area located in the specified liquidity zone at a price equal to the size of your loan offer.

After you fill in the form, press “Add”, sign the transaction and wait until it is added to the block chain. After this, your funds in the amount of your loan offer you have previously stipulated will be placed to the control of the smart contract and the corresponding position will appear in the “My liquidity” tab.

Please, note that the smart contract does not have any owner or any other privileged users. It means that even The Wall Global project team, when placing their liquidity, interacts with the smart contract on the common terms like any other user.

You can withdraw your loan offer at any moment. To do so, you just need to press the “Cancel offer” button in the “My liquidity” tab in the line of your offer.

Thus, The Wall Loan DeFi service makes it possible for owners of funds (MATIC) to earn interest when allowing other users to use their funds for a specified period of time or to profitably purchase areas of the Wall.

Place your liquidity, earn on it, make the most favourable purchases! Perhaps somebody is waiting for exactly your offer!