Getting ready to celebrate The Day of Love … for crypto currency!

We are glad to communicate all the detailed information for those who are planning to take part in the festive Saint Valentine’s token sale of The Wall Global:

The sale will take place on Monday, February 14, at 19:00 Vietnam time (12:00 UTC) and will last for 3 hours only. In order to participate in the sale, you will need to be logged in your Cryptaur personal account (Launchpad menu / The Wall Global) via a web-browser or the CPTPoint mobile app. As soon as your turn comes, you will have only 10 minutes to make a purchase. You will need to choose one of the two possible options – to get one free BRICK token or to make a purchase paying with crypto currency that by that moment has to already be in your vault on the platform. It will be possible to execute only one of these two actions.

While making a purchase during the token sale you may pay for the 50% of your purchase with tokens that are in your Cryptaur account, namely, PF, ETH, LIXI and, surely, LIXIGOLD. As always, all the purchases done at the token sale are subject to our unprecedented referral program.

The priority in the queue is given to those participants who have enough funds in their vaults in their Cryptaur personal accounts for a minimum purchase (equivalent to 300 USDT at least 150 of which are in USDT tokens and the rest are in one type of the following tokens: USDT, LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF tokens).
It is possible to purchase no more than 10 TWG during a single round of the sale. You will be offered to purchase as many TWG tokens as you have enough funds for. Then you should choose what part of your purchase you would like to pay in USDT – this part should account for no less than 50% of the total sum of the purchase. You may pay for the entire purchase in USDT, or you may choose one of the tokens available in your vault for the second half (LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF or ETH).

The referral rewards from the purchases made by the referrals you invited will be credited to your account the next day after the tokensale. Please, remember that in order to receive referral rewards on the individual program in this round of the sale, you need to purchase at least one TWG token in this round of the sale.

Before the start of the sale (but even better right now) make sure that you have filled out The Wall Global project questionnaire in your personal Cryptaur account (Launchpad menu / The Wall Global), and that you have enough USDT in your account to make a purchase!

Preserve and multiply your assets! Good luck!