Get your NFTs of the Anniversary MagicChain collection!

We are pleased to inform the fans of the MagicChain game that the long-awaited launch of the anniversary collection of NFT tokens, timed to coincide with the new release of this game, has taken place today.

The collection has been released on the MintMe Global platform in the Polygon net. It consists of ten series of 50 tokens each, corresponding to ten new characters of the game. Each series represents five looks of one of these characters on ten different backgrounds. In total, there are 500 unique tokens, which will be distributed in a special way between the community of regular players and our new participants.

We remind you that the first ones to receive the tokens will be the most advanced players – those who have reached the maximum eighth level in the game.

In order to receive your NFT, you need to register by filling out the form.

P.S. A special license agreement has been developed for the collection, which is an integral part of the collection and defines the rights of owners of the collection NFT tokensĀ  in relation to the content.