Festive round of The Wall Global token sale on Valentine’s Day!

The Wall Global project is developing fast and the wonderful DeFi services ecosystem is being constructed around it. You can already use these services to earn on the areas of the Wall that you have purchased. Only three days have passed after The Wall Global Daily DeFi was launched but we can already see several hundred transactions! Just imagine how many transactions there will be when the mobile app, that makes it possible for ordinary people unfamiliar with crypto currencies to use areas from The Wall Daily liquidity pool, is launched! It will be a market of an absolutely different scale!

We deeply appreciate your interest in The Wall Global project and that is why we would like to present you with another round of The Wall Global token sale on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform dedicated to Saint Valentine’s Day. As always, you will also be able to take full advantage of our unique referral program.

Let us remind you that in order to participate in the token sale you need to in advance fill in The Wall Global questionnaire in your personal account and also to have no less than 150 USDT on your account. You may pay for the second half of your purchase in other tokens supported by the Cryptaur platform, namely ETH, LIXI, LIXIGOLD and PF.

Don’t miss your unique chance to jump into The Wall Global rocket taking off! Even more interesting DeFi services and new mass markets are awaiting us! Earn money together with us!