Exchange Launched on Cryptaur Platform

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce a long-awaited event our developers were carefully preparing. As promised before, our platform functionality is enhanced with a very important service, the internal decentralized exchange. Trading pairs CPT-ETH and PROOF-ETH are launched. In this regard, platform founder Dmitry Buriak congratulated all ecosystem members and developers in his video message which we are glad to share:

Now our users no longer need third-party exchanges with their complex interfaces and lengthy registration, as well as speculative price spikes. From now on, you can buy and sell CPT tokens, as well as PROOF tokens of our partner project, Prover, in a few clicks directly from your personal account.

Moreover, unlike with third-party services,  all operations between users on our platform (which include trading on the exchange) are commission-free. The token price is no longer influenced by intermediaries and speculators and depends only on the domestic market of our ecosystem.

Thus, we continue to put into practice our main long-term motto: Bye-bye, Mister Middleman. A successfully implemented functionality that allows trading CPT tokens within our ecosystem contributes to growing its turnover and liquidity and increasing the number of its holders. Coupled together with the recently implemented functionality of buying CPT for traditional currencies and the existing marketplace, this will serve as a powerful impetus for the further development of our project.

We thank our technical specialists for their reliability and professionalism and congratulate all members of our ecosystem and token holders. Expect new interesting projects to be announced soon. You are welcome to try the new service!