Don’t miss the 10th anniversary round of TheWall Global tokensale!

The anniversary round of TheWall Global tokensale will start today at 12:00 UTC and it will last only three hours. And there is an extremely good reason to take part in it! As we have told you earlier, we have developed a unique “Treasure hunter” smart contract and today first treasures are well hidden in the depth of the Wall by this transaction:

Moreover, we have a secret map in our hands, it shows where the lucky areas are located. And our insiders report that there are not one or two but more than 20 of them, that means that the probability to find a treasure exceeds ten percent!

In order to try your luck, you just need to purchase one or several areas in the zone marked as a rectangle on the map. You can do it in any possible way: directly via TheWall Global website for MATIC tokens or for TWG tokens that you can obtain during the upcoming anniversary round of the sale.

Don’t miss your chance, because already tomorrow, November 2, the smart contract will automatically publish the coordinates of the winning areas and their owners will receive as many as 10 TWG tokens, that is 3000 USDT in dollar equivalent, for every purchased area with a treasure!

Stay with us and very possibly exactly you will be lucky to find the lucky areas and earn X’s, especially since the zone where they are hidden is, as you can see, very small!

The tokensale organization

  •  In order to take part in the upcoming tokensale, you need to be logged in your Cryptaur personal account (Launchpad menu / TheWall Global) via a browser or the CPTPoint mobile app.
  • As soon as your turn comes you will have only 10 minutes to make a purchase.
  •  You will need to choose only one of the two possible options — to get a free BRICK token or to make a purchase for cryptocurrency which by that moment must be already in your vault on the platform.
  • The priority in the queue is given to those who have enough funds in the vaults in their Cryptaur personal accounts for a minimum purchase (equivalent to 300 USDT at least 150 of which in USDT tokens and the rest in one type of the following tokens: USDT, LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF tokens).
  • It is possible to buy no more than 10 TWG during a single round of the sale.
  • You will be offered to purchase as many TWG tokens as you have enough funds for. or. Then you should choose what part of your purchase you would like to pay in USDT – this part must account for no less than 50% of the total sum of your purchase.
  • You can pay for the whole purchase in USDT, or you can choose one more token from the tokens that are in your vault (LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF or ETH) to pay for the second half of your purchase.
  • Make sure that there is at least a little bit more funds in your personal account than you plan to spend. For instance, some participants could not make a purchase despite the fact that they had 150 USDT and 150 LIXIGOLD in their vaults. It was due to the fact that although 150 LIXIGOLD is equivalent to 150 dollars this sum may be a little bit smaller than 150 USDT due to slight USDT exchange rate fluctuations. We advise you to keep a stock of at least 2-3% of the sum you plan to invest in TheWall Global project.
  • The referral rewards for purchases made by your referrals will be credited to your accounts the next day after the tokensale. Please, remember that in order to receive referral rewards on the individual program in the given round of the sale, you need to purchase at least one TWG token in the same round of the sale.