Do your friends already know about The Wall Daily?

Currently there are already more than 200 The Wall Global areas for the total sum of almost 100 thousand dollars under the control of The Wall Daily service, and their number continues growing every day!

Surely, some of them are yours.

In accordance with the operating rules of the service, every payment of a user is divided among all the owners of areas in proportion to their contribution to the pool. It means that if you have contributed one area to the pool, you will receive a reward of about 0,00045 MATIC for every time The Wall Daily is used.

We are working on making the number of times people use the service as high as possible. For this purpose, we are creating a unique product – The Wall Global Metaverse that will open the way to The Wall Global for the users that do not know what crypto currency is. Moreover, we are working on the upgrade of The Wall Daily V2 protocol that will significantly improve the mechanics we are testing now in the first version of the protocol.

And in order you could earn more right away, we need your help. Tell your friends and acquaintances about The Wall Global project and about the unique opportunity to assert themselves by publishing any content on the Wall space for 0.1 MATIC only!

To make a post, you just need to have a Metamask wallet connected to the Polygon network and a minimum amount of MATIC coins in your account! Go to the list of available areas of The Wall Daily service, choose one you are interested in and upload your content!
The areas you use are reserved for you for 48 hours. You can also prolong the reservation period for two more days by updating your content!

And, please, remember that the more areas you have in The Wall Daily pool, the more your passive income is.

You may purchase more areas to contribute them to the pool at the upcoming festive token sale that will take place on February 14 on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform.

Preserve and multiply your assets! Good luck!