Dmitry Buriak’s interview, part 1

Today we bring to your attention the first part of a large interview with Dmitry Buriak, our platform’s, in which he answered the most important questions about our project and outlined not only its history, but also, most importantly, its future.

— One of today’s meeting’s reasons is the obvious lack of news about the project, and recently that has made some users worry. How could you explain it?

— Let’s follow the “First Things FIrst” principle. As we remember, the goal of the Cryptaur project is to create a fundamentally new structure that would directly connect the consumer and the manufacturer, bypassing the reseller. The Vision project, which preceded Cryptaur, had actually been built with the same goal in mind, namely transmitting the information and experience directly from peer to peer, bypassing store shelves. Today we are essentially striving to solve the same problem, but at a fundamentally new technological level.

In fact, we swung at the “holy of holies” in the modern construction of the world economy, i.e. the unpunished squeezing of money by intermediaries, both from the producer and from the consumer. This is what slows down the global economy, reduces the quality of life of most of humanity, has an extremely negative effect on the quality of goods, and most importantly, worsens the already precarious health of our planet.

Compare the income of manufacturers who create real goods and who, taking into account modern technologies, are able to do so at the highest level of quality and reliability, with the income of resellers who set prices for these goods essentially making the production of quality goods unprofitable. Everyone has heard of such brands as Amazon, Walmart … also Facebook, after all, it is also an intermediary between the consumer and the producer. Is your company absent on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger? No, because if it isn’t, it sort of does not exist.

Cryptaur is the alternative. This is a fundamentally new economic model based on the priority of the consumer community over the arbitrariness of resellers, as well as on blockchain technology. The point is, the blockchain, by its technological structure, eliminated the need for third party to establish trust between the contract parties, bypassing such intermediaries as shopping centers, banks, lawyers, agencies, and so on.

We took the first steps in the project, and they were successful. But the crypto spring, on the wave of which we launched the project, very soon gave way to crypto winter lasting  two years before turning into the Covid pandemic. Don’t forget about two hacker attacks and other dramatic events we comment on later on. But all these events could not stop us. They only slowed down the implementation of our plans. We were strong enough to keep our big house warm and lit and continued working.

Now let’s get back to your question. It actually touches on a very important point, our approach to the development of the Cryptaur project.

I proceed from the premise that a goal of such a magnitude requires not only time, money and perseverance, but also a special attitude to our cause. The project participants had and still have different goals: to increase material well-being, social justice, support key values, first of all, the value of health in its holistic understanding which includes social, financial, as well as spiritual aspects.

Some of the participants gave priority to the material factor, that is, a profitable investment of money. This is a legitimate desire, I just want to emphasize that it alone does not create great projects. Look at Elon Musk and at what colossal costs he is making his way to his dream, the creation of reusable spaceships. We have read about them in science fiction novels since childhood, but until now no one in the world could create anything like this. And our goal is more than a spaceship. Our goal is to build a better world here on Earth. Such goals are not achieved by PR, advertising, or victorious press releases.

As a person completely devoted to this idea, I may have plunged too deeply into work and forgotten that you just need to remember to publish the news on time.

— You mentioned the pandemic. We also know that you have suffered Covid too. How strongly did these factors affect the project?

— Some people think that if our project is related to IT, then we should not have lost anything due to the pandemic. But those who think so do not understand that the modern world is intertwined with internal connections. The pandemic itself became possible only for this reason — we can no longer separate a small problem from the whole world, so an event that happened at the far-away Wuhan market triggers a colossal change all over the world for many years to come.

The structure of consumption is changing, the way of life and habits of people are changing, including online habits. We certainly continued to work on those parts of our project that were not directly affected, but a lot had to be revised.

As for me, I am perfectly fine, although I really had to go through a lot, and not only covid, but also a rather difficult life period. However, the main thing is that today I am completely healthy and my desire to help people be healthy and free, including financil freedom, has only increased.

— Continuing the topic of online projects, I would like to ask you about the fate of the Qula app. Many of us were expecting its launch last year. We also haven’t heard anything about Age Hack and some other projects for a long time.

— The Qula Love Predictor project was ready for launch last summer. But our team came to a consensus that the launch at that time would have been premature. The application has really huge potential. And we had no right to throw it on the market at a very unfavorable moment.

Nevertheless, we continued to work on developing a second, even more promising module for Qula. If you remember, the first AI module determines long-term compatibility in partnerships.

The second module is aimed at predicting the state of health and provides the user with recommendations aimed at strengthening it. In the context of the pandemic, health finally gets the first place that we are attaching to it from the very beginning of our activity, and this means that our business is becoming more and more needed today.

With the beginning of the “second crypto spring”, we have once again revised our plans priorities. Qula will be released in the coming weeks, late April to early May. And this is only the beginning of a large-scale restart of our projects.

We thank Dmitry for the conversation which will continue in the next issue. Follow the news!