Dmitry Buriak’s interview announcement

We are pleased to inform you that on Saturday, March 20, the Cryptaur founder Dmitry Buriak gave a very detailed interview to our online edition Cryptaur News Weekly. After that conversation we can say with complete confidence: today we are starting the most important series of publications about the Cryptaur project over the past two years.

We received detailed and comprehensive answers to all questions of the platform’s users, contributors, and partners. Dmitry also shared his vision of where the platform will go in the long term, starting with the most immediate steps initiated by this publication.

We have a lot of material, so the interview will be published in parts. Today we will outline the main topics covered, and in the next releases we will focus on single topics.

The first big theme of our conversation with Dmitry Buriak was the Cryptaur’s projects. We will talk  both about Cryptaur’s well-known, successful own and partner projects, such as LifeWise or Prover, but also about the less visible ones. In particular, we will highlight Qula (by the way, this very promising project is completely ready for launch, and not only in the initial Love Predictor format, but also in the Health Predictor format, which is becoming very popular nowadays). We will also talk about such projects as AgeHack, X-Game, Orderbook and others.

Another, equally important topic of the interview is how the project uses financial and other resources. You will find out what are the sources of the project’s funding,  what it acquired and lost during its existence, and how it will earn in the future. And, of course, there will be information about how and when user wallets inaccessible due to the last hackers attack will be unlocked. The summary of this part is simple and clear: all assets will become available to their holders again.

Finally, the third big topic is the future. In particular, we will talk about the upcoming modernization of the platform, new events and projects. You will learn what will be done to ensure that the spring coming to the crypto market will flourish on our platform.

The first part of the landmark interview will be released on Tuesday, March 30th. Follow the news!