DeFi practice: how to get a loan secured by your areas of the Wall

Today we will tackle the issue that for sure interests all owners of wall areas. How to get a loan secured by their areas of the Wall right here, right now? Or maybe let’s find an answer for an even more important question – are my areas liquid?

Nothing can be easier! Go to The Wall Loan application and select “Top offers” from the menu. You will see a list of the best loan offers.

For your convenience, you can display only those offers that you can use. To do so, select the “Liquidity zone” filter and mark in it the areas you are ready to provide as collateral.

It is possible to sort the list by two parameters – the best offers in terms of their amount (“Best amount”) and the best offers in terms of their interest rate (“Best interest rate”). It all depends on your purpose of obtaining a loan. If you are not going to repay it, but you want to sell your area, then you should look for the best price offers. If you are really getting a loan that you are going to refund, then you should examine the best interest rate offers.

After your loan is confirmed, you will see the information about it in the list in the “My loans” tab. It is necessary to closely monitor the expiration date of your loan, as if it is not repaid in time, the area you have provided as collateral will be automatically transferred to the creditor.

The Wall Loan DeFi service makes your areas of the Wall liquid assets that you can any time convert into money and use to trade on the exchange, to finance the margin call or for any other needs. You no longer have to wait for prices to rise or for the demand for the project to increase, though it will happen soon too! Would you like to know why? Stay tuned for the upcoming news!