Cryptaur Coolbook: Vision for the Future

A huge event in the life of our project has just taken place. Cryptaur Coolbook, a fundamental document outlining our vision for the platform’s further development, has been published.

Serious work on renewing all aspects of the platform’s activities preceded it, and you can already see its results in action.

And this is just the beginning. Realizing the vision set out in Coolbook will bring to the platform a scale and perspective we haven’t yet seen. This is a path to the forefront of the fintech industry, with opportunities of a totally different order that open up for all members of our ecosystem.

The book outlines two major directions for the development of the Cryptaur platform, building the NFT token infrastructure and creating a new-generation e-commerce environment. Work on both is already underway and will see its first fruits in the coming weeks.

Have a nice read!

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