Create your first NFT with the MintMe Global service!

The Wall Global ecosystem continues to expand, so the coming month will again be rich with news and announcements. Today we are pleased to introduce you to the new MintMe Global service, which allows you to create NFTs out of any content, including photos, audio and video. If you have something that you think will have value tomorrow (or has value today already) – make an NFT token out of it. An NFT is not just a memory, it is a real proof that you own the object, and in the most technologically advanced way for today. And of course, an NFT is a wonderful modern gift.

And another great feature of MintMe: the collections you create and all the tokens included become immediately available for purchase and sale on the popular OpenSea platform (as well as many others).

At the same time, unlike most projects that offer tokenization, the MintMe Global project will create a distinct smart contract for you, which only you will control. The data of your NFT tokens, such as image, video or audio files, will be securely stored in the IPFS distributed file system.

Already today, MintMe Global allows you to create NFT tokens in such blockchains as Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, and we plan to constantly expand this list. At the same time, if you use the Polygon blockchain, you get an additional advantage — you can link NFT tokens you created to the areas of TheWall Global. And this, in turn, will open up for you completely new prospects for monetization, which we will tell you about in detail soon.

We have also integrated into MintMe Global the  PROVER technology that allows to verify the authenticity of video content, through the ProveMe oracle service specially created for this purpose. It is a service that has no analogue in the world today.

We are convinced that the MintMe Global service will de facto become the standard of the global market of tokenized art.

We invite you to take a step into the decentralized future right now — go to the project website and create your first NFT collection!