CPT to LIXI Exchange Started!

We are pleased to announce that from today the CPT to LIXI exchange functionality is available in your personal accounts as promised. 

The exchange procedure works as follows:

  1. Every CPT token holder can voluntarily exchange any amount of CPT tokens for the same amount of LIXI tokens at any time. 

  2. 5% of LIXI tokens received by the CPT holder in the exchange become immediately available for circulation in the Cryptaur / CPT Point ecosystem (transfers, payments, trading against ETH after April 22). The remaining 95% will be frozen in the user’s account for 12 months from the date of the exchange (each transaction is considered as a separate exchange with its own dates). Freezing of tokens is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to a new token and avoid sharp rate fluctuations, which is in the common interests of all project participants.

  3. The unlocking of LIXI tokens at the end of the 12-month period will happen automatically (without the need for any action on the part of the holder) according to the following scheme:
    — in the 13th month, 1% of the blocked balance is unblocked,
    — in the 14th month – 2%,
    — in the 15th month – 3%, …,
    — in the 25th month – 13%
    — and in the last 26th month the remaining 9% will be unlocked.

In conclusion, let us briefly recall the upcoming events the Golden Phoenix program brings to us. LIXI ⇔ ETH trading will be launched on April 22. Also, from April 29 it will be possible to purchase LIXI for BTC at a fixed rate, with each such purchase by a CPT Point user unfreezing their referrer’s frozen LIXI tokens in the amount of 10% of the purchase.

Detailed instructions will be published by the support service.