CPT Point Social Media Channels Merge into Cryptaur

Dear users,

 please note that in order to optimize resources, we are merging the project’s social media channels as follows.

Cryptaur Facebook pages in Russian, Vietnamese and English are being merged with CPT Point Facebook pages under the Cryptaur brand. The resulting single  Facebook page will allow posting and reading in multiple languages.

Telegram chats and Cryptaur channels in Russian, Vietnamese and English and CPT Point chats are merged with the corresponding channels under the Cryptaur brand.

Cryptaur and CPT Point Twitter and Instagram pages in three languages ​​are combined under the Cryptaur brand into one English-language page respectively.

Please make sure that you are subscribed to these resulting social media channels:




For all questions, please contact Cryptaur support at [email protected]. Stay subscribed to the project’s mailing list. You can also follow the news on the technical support website (support.cptpoint.net).