Areas with 10 times multiplied prizes are coming to TheWall Global

We are glad to present to you a new functionality of TheWall Global project, that will make the purchase of the Wall areas a truly exciting experience.

Every week we will choose vacant areas of the Wall, where we will hide “treasures”. We will also give you clues in order you could guess in which part of the Wall they are located. When the time for the search passes (the amount of time will depend on the size of a treasure and on how difficult it will be to find it), those of you who will have guessed and purchased lucky areas will receive a prize hidden in those areas.

We have developed a publicly available Treasure smart contract that implements the “Treasure hunters” logic. It will be an absolutely impartial judge for everyone in this game.

It works in the following way: at the beginning of a new round of the game encrypted coordinates of the chosen areas are transferred to the smart contract and cannot be changed till the end of the round. At the end of the round we transfer unencrypted coordinates to the smart contract. The smart contract confirms that they correspond to those uploaded earlier and thereby guarantees their authenticity. It also checks whether they now have owners. If they have, the smart contract automatically credits the account of a new owner of every winning area with 10 TWG tokens (equivalent to 3,000 USD), thus multiplying the amount of the owner’s purchase by ten times!

And the most pleasant thing is that there is nothing special you need to do to take in the Treasure Hunters game. Just in any possible way purchase areas of the Wall during the following round of the sale, and if you purchase a lucky area, the smart contract will automatically credit your account with a well-deserved reward!

May good luck be with you!

The address of the smart contract where it will be always possible to check the authenticity of your prizes is: