Address of Dmitry Buriak, the Founder of Cryptaur: the First Project on Launchpad

Dear friends,

As you know, we are launching the Cryptaur Launchpad project on the upgraded Cryptaur platform. It will give market access to already existing projects with working applications that are ready to scale up and can be of real value to the new platform.

Today I would like to name the first project that we are launching on the platform and that we have recently announced in the Cool Book, the new version of our white book.

This is The Wall Global – a project at the interface of art, blockchain finance and information technologies. The concept of the project as well as its technological filling is very contemporary. It is a project ready to garner sufficient share on the NFT-tokens market for the platform. And, what is very important, in addition to that this project will accept each and every token that is placed in our platform.

I wish all success to our new Cryptaur Launchpad start-up platform and its first project – The Wall Global, and also to all of its, I am sure, very numerous future participants. Very soon you will be able to become the first owners of the Wall. It is a real chance to every participant of our ecosystem and at the same time an opportunity of growth for the whole platform – the synergy that will bring benefit to all who initially believed and continue believing in its success.

Yours faithfully,
Dmitry Buriak