A glitch in Ethereum caused delay in transactions, the Cryptaur platform operates steadily

Dear users,


A number of blocks have been reorganized as a result of a glitch in the Ethereum web. In this regard, blockchain experts strongly advise that the users should refrain from making any transactions on the web in question (on our platform this applies to ETH and CPT tokens only).


The platform continues operating in normal mode, however the duration of transactions including deposits may increase temporally. We do not foresee any serious consequences of the glitch for our platform or its users.


Please, also note that as a result of an immediate interest of the users to the recently launched staking functionality the display of the process of every second LIXI crediting to your staking-accounts has been temporarily suspended. This has no influence at all on the fact of crediting your staking-accounts with LIXI – all the calculations for staking remain valid and will be reflected in your user accounts as soon as our technical experts make improvements to the interface.


TheWall Global will be launched at the scheduled time. Get ready for the sale and keep in touch!