​​TheWall Global’s Successful Investor Strategy 3: Take care of your referrals

We continue the series of issues about the best practices of TheWall Global’s successful investors. As we have already found out in our previous issues, the basis of quick earnings during TheWall Global tokensale is your referrals’ purchases. That is why, every successful investor should pay maximum attention and care to his referrals. Remember that for many of them it can be a problem to even buy USDT tokens which are needed to pay for at least 50% of every purchase. Therefore, a successful investor should undertake to resolve this issue and having agreed on a certain amount of purchases on the part of his referrals, take fiat money from them, convert it in USDT tokens and then distribute them among his referrals directly within the Cryptaur platform.

This practice will also make it possible for you to save a lot on the blockchain fees since at the current cost of gas in the Ethereum network every USDT transfer operation, regardless of the amount of the tokens transferred, can cost from $15 to $50.

Take care of your referrals, help them, earn money with them!