​​The referral TWG program is now available in the mobile app

TheWall Global referral program has become available in another updated release of the CPT Point mobile application.

As you remember the program includes two referral models: an individual model and a group one, which can be also used simultaneously.

The rewards are credited to the accounts of the users at the end of every round of the sales that take place every Monday from 12 to 15 UTC.

The user receives a 10% bonus from the purchases made by his first-line referrals, 7% – from his second-line referrals and 3% – from his third-line referrals. In addition to this the user for free receives areas of the Wall in proportion to the referral’s purchases.

The promo-group receives 15% from the first-line referrals’ purchases, 10% from the second-line referrals and 5% from the third-line referrals. At the same time the group will receive the same percentage amount of the Wall areas from the number of the Wall areas bought by referrals.

There is also an opportunity to increase the size of your referral bonus by an additional 30% in the individual model as well as in the group one. Would you like to learn how to do it? Read TheWall Global Tokensale Cookbook and get ready for the 5th round of the tokensale!