the wall global

The Wall Global + OpenSea

What this guide is about

This guide is part of a series for TheWall Global participants. Issues a message on how to register an account and TheWall Global tokens on the OpenSea.

What OpenSea is?

OpenSea's decentralized marketplace allows you to sell, buy and create your own NFT tokens. The platform supports Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn blockchains.

What is needed

  1. Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)
  2. Metamask wallet connected to the Polygon network
  3. Purchased Wall area or cluster (group of areas)

How to start

Go to 

Make sure that this address is in front of you, and then follow

step by step instruction


First of all, you have to register your account on OpenSea. To do this, you have to log into Metamask while on the OpenSea.


Click on the user profile icon in the upper right corner of the site.The page  with the words "Connect your wallet" will appear. Select MetaMask and your account will connect to the site.


After that, you will be able to see all your TheWall Global NFT tokens in your profile under the Collected tab. If your areas are clustered, then you can select the areas that are in the clusters and click "Hide". They will be moved to a separate Hidden folder.



From the point of view of TheWall Global, areas of the Wall are NFT tokens. When creating a cluster, another NFT token is created, which logically combines the NFT tokens of all areas included in this cluster. Therefore, you should not worry if you see clusters and areas included in it on your OpenSea account. As shown above, the unnecessary can be removed to the Hidden tab.


OpenSea imports TWG tokens at the time of their creation and does not update the metadata on its own, so on OpenSea you can see tokens that are missing a description or image (although they are already visible in the project portal), and clusters may contain fewer areas than in reality. To resolve inconsistencies, it is sufficient to update the token metadata as shown below.


If you have made changes to your area (for example, changed its image) and you want these changes to be visible to OpenSea users, click on the "Refresh Metadata" button and wait 1-2 minutes for the information to refresh. Please note that you should update the token on OpenSea only after the current information on the token has become visible on TheWall Global, that means all transactions for setting up areas and clusters were successfully accepted by the blockchain.


Areas and clusters can be put up for sale on OpenSea by clicking the "Sell" button. OpenSea does not check the possibility or impossibility of transferring the token to its owners, which may be related to the internal restrictions of the smart contract, so you should take care of this yourself, namely:

  • You should not list tokens corresponding to areas for sale if those areas are part of a cluster.
  • Do not list areas or clusters for sale that you have already rented out on the wall itself.

Despite the fact that OpenSea will allow you to put up for sale tokens that meet the criteria specified above, their sale will not be possible, because the transaction to move them when trying to buy will be unsuccessful and the funds for the sale will not be transferred.