How to connect the CPT POINT telegram bot to your personal account

What is the Telegram bot for?

Binding the bot to your account makes it possible to effect and receive payments in instant messengers, play games, receive prizes, buy goods and services in the CPT Point marketplace.

Before starting

Register yourself in the Telegram messenger in advance (you can download and install the Telegram application for Android on your phone or on a computer / laptop for Windows).


To conduct any transactions, you need to set up the two-factor authorization in your personal account (setup instructions).


  • Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave)
  • Access to your personal account on the Cryptaur / CPT Point platform
  • Access to the email you used  to create your personal account is registered
  •   Two-factor authorization of your personal account set up via the Google Authenticator mobile application


  • Open the following URL address in your browser                                        (make sure that it is this  address you see in the address bar)
  • Go to the "Settings" section and click the "Messengers" tab
  • Then follow the instructions.


Click  the "Bind" button opposite to the Telegram logo.


The personal account will direct you to the Telegram messenger in order to connect the @CptPointBot bot.


In the Telegram messenger, click the "Start" button to make the bot start working.


Then click the "Go to CPT Point" button to go to your personal account and confirm the binding of Telegram to your account.


Click the "Confirm" button in the "Messengers" section in your personal account.


The binding process is completed (you will receive a confirmation in Telegram, and a green circle will appear next to the Telegram logo in your personal account).