Exchange CPT from Latoken to LIXI

How to exchange CPT from Latoken exchange to LIXI without commission

What this guide is about

This is an instruction for LaToken exchange users who want to exchange CPT for LIXI, but still have not been able to withdraw CPT to the platform due to the high commission of Latoken. Now it is possible to exchange CPT for LIXI without commission. If your goal is to exchange CPTs listed on the Latoken exchange for LIXI, then you need to follow all the steps of this guide and send an e-mail application according to the standard template given at the end.

Your password is only for you!

Attention! Never, under any circumstances, share your passwords for your Latoken and Cryptaur accounts with anyone. They are not required to complete your application. If you were asked to provide your password, allegedly to complete the application, in no case do this and immediately report this incident to the support service using the application form on this website.

What is needed

  1. Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)
  2. The email address  which you are registered on Latoken with.
  3. The wallet on the Cryptaur platform.

How to start

Open the project's website at

Double-check that the address is correct and follow the instructions below.

Step-by-step instruction


Login to the exchange website  LaToken. In the Wallet section (screenshot 1, a) in the search bar, type "CPT" (b). Click the button "Send " (c) next to the CPT token icon.


In the  open window, select "e-mail address" (screenshot 2, a), and enter the address   [email protected] (b).


In the Amount field, enter the CPT amount to transfer (c). The existing balance is available in the same window above.


Click Send (d) and confirm the transfer. The transaction will be recorded in the Wallet section, in the Transaction tab. Go there and copy the transaction ID (TxHash).


Send an email to [email protected] using the following template: 

Letter subject: Transferring CPT to LIXI

Content of the letter:

  1. ID of the transaction that you conducted according to this instruction
  2. Your internal Cryptaur wallet address ( screenshot 3 )
  3. Your email address registered with the LaToken account on which this transaction was carried out