the wall global

How to connect your account to Polygon

What this guide is about

This guide is about working with The Wall Global. Certain settings are required in order to purchase and to dispose of areas of the Wall. This part of the series shows how to connect MetaMask to the Polygon blockchain on which project is running

What Polygon is?

Polygon is a second level network that works closely with Ethereum. Its goal is to increase the scalability of Ethereum and reduce the cost of transactions. Thanks to the bridge between these two blockchains, it is possible to exchange tokens between them

What is needed

— Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)

Metamask  wallet

How to start

Launch Metamask and unblock it (enter the password that you set when you created your account).


Step-by-step Instruction

How to open MetaMask fullscreen

Select the Expand View command from the hamburger menu.


Find the list of networks in the settings and select Custom RPC. A form to add a network will appear. Enter the following data:

— Network name: Polygon Mainnet
— New RPC URL:
— Chain ID: 137
— Currency Symbol: MATIC
— Block Explorer URL:



If you have purchased TWG tokens at the Cryptaur token sale, add those tokens to your wallet. In the Polygon blockchain, they are called TWC (The Wall Coupon).In order to do it, click on "Import Custom Token" in the assets tab 


Fill in the form to add a TWG token (it is called TWC on the Polygon network):

— Token name: TWC
— Token contract address: 
— Token Symbol: TWC
— Decimals: 0

What's next

Now you can move on to the third part - how to buy an area of The Wall Global