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MetaMask instalation

What this guide is about

This guide is about working with The Wall Global. Certain settings are required in order to purchase and dispose of areas of the Wall. This part of the series shows how to install the MetaMask wallet. If you already have Metamask installed, you can skip straight to the second part, which is about the Polygon platform

Plan of actions

1. Install the Metamask wallet in your browser (desktop, laptop) or download the Metamask application (iOS, Android) to your phone. 2. Connect the Polygon network in the Metamask wallet. 3. Purchase an area on the website of The Wall Global project.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is an interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and related second-level blockchains. It includes a wallet and a mechanism for entering into smart contracts. MetaMask is implemented as a browser extension that never directly interacts with the user's private keys, so it is relatively secure.

What is needed

Desktop: Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)

For your convenience, hereinafter, we recommend using a desktop or laptop.

How to start

Follow the link
Make sure that you entered the right address and follow the instructions.

Good to know

Click on a screenshot to zoom it fullscreen

Step-by-step instruction


Click the "Download"  button and install MetaMask as a browser extension.


Install MetaMask as a browser extension 


A "Welcome to MetaMask" greeting appears on the screen. Click the "Get Started" button.


Choose one of the actions: import an existing wallet (using a secret phrase) or create a new one.


Create a password of at least 8 characters and confirm it. Do not use any already existing words or their combinations, dates of birth, names, names of cities and streets, etc. The password must be a random sequence of characters


Watch the video to learn how to secure your wallet and what to do to recover it using your passphrase. Note: there are no centralized servers and their administrators on the blockchain that can change your password. Absolutely no one except you knows your password.


By clicking on the window with the lock, a secret phrase of 12 words will appear. Save it. Your passphrase makes it easy to back up and restore your account. WARNING: Never divulge a secret phrase


After confirming the secret phrase, you become a registered user of MetaMask.


We advise you to log out of your account immediately upon completion of work. Better yet, turn off the MetaMask extension in your browser when you are not using it directly. Some sites may try to identify you as the owner of a particular wallet.

What's next

Now you can move on to the second part - working with the Polygon blockchain.