Prover video for KYC using ClapperBoard

What is it for

Prover Video is the main part of the verification procedure (KYC). Verification is required for the execution of any token transactions. You can pass verification only in the web version of your personal account on a computer or laptop.

Why is it the best option?

You need a second phone to create videos with Clapperboard, but the time savings in comparison with Prover Swype ID are significant.


If you do not have the opportunity to use a second phone, you can take a screenshot of the QR code and send it to your computer by e-mail or messenger, and then show the code from the computer screen  to your phone camera

Step-by-step instruction


Download and install the Prover Clapperboard app on your phone (available for Android and iOS).


Register yourself as a new user. Create a 4-digit PIN for quick access.


When registering  yourself in the Prover Clapperboard application, you receive free PF tokens (they can be seen on the balance of your account ). This amount of PF will be enough to make  several Prover videos.


Enter the following text into the blank line (it will be saved in the blockchain):
CptPointKYC name date of birth


CptPointKYC Ivanov Sergey Mikhailovich 12/27/1988


Click  the button with a QR code icon - the process of QR code generating will begin (it takes up to 1 minute). The QR code will appear on the screen. Do not close the screen, because you will need to use the QR code during the next steps of the creation of the Prover video.


Prepare a second phone and turn on the camera with the Video Recorder settings. You can make a video by yourself using the front camera and placing the phone in front of you, or you can ask a friend or relative to help you.


Record the video by following these steps:
- Show the generated QR code (from the application) to the camera at close range;
- Show the QR code and your face simultaneously;
Put aside your phone with the QR code and take your passport (double-page spread with a photo).
- Show your face and passport simultaneously;
- Show your passport in close-up so that it will be possible to see the number, date of issue and  photo on the phone screen. Finish the record and save the file.


In order to check your Prover video, upload your file to the validation service. Find the "Check file" section at the end of the page, click the "Choose a file" button and upload your video file. After that, you will receive the verification result (verification in the blockchain).


Send the valid Prover video to your computer using the method that is convenient for you: e-mail, saving to Google Drive, etc.


Upload the resulting video to the EPassport. It can happen that the upload of the file won't come to an end (the loading wheel is spinning for a long time), at this moment refresh the personal account page and the upload will be completed