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How to buy an area of the Wall

What this guide is about

This guide is about working with The Wall Global. Certain settings are required in order to purchase and to dispose of areas of the wall. This part of the series shows how to buy an area of the wall.

What The Wall Global is

The Wall is a virtual art space divided into square areas. Each area is a separate NFT token that can be transferred, sold or leased. In order to operate the areas more easily,they can be combined into clusters, where each cluster also represents an NFT token.

What is needed

  1. Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)
  2. Metamask  wallet connected to Polygon account
  3. Native Matic Tokens
  4. If you participated in the sale via Cryptaur Launchpad, then the TWG tokens you received must be on the same account (they are called TWC on Polygon).

How to start

Follow the link
Make sure the address is correct and follow the instructions.

Click on a screenshot to zoom it in.

Step-by-step instruction


Go to The Wall Global website. If the previous steps were completed correctly, in the lower left corner you will see the link "MetaMask installed. Click here to connect ..." link


Click on the link and connect MetaMask to the Wall. Select the "Next" and "Connect" buttons. If everything goes the right way, the link will disappear.

If the wallet is installed, unlocked and connected to the Polygon network, but instead of a connection link you see an offer to install Metamask, refresh the page (Ctrl F5 or Cmd + F5).

If you have purchased TWG at the Cryptaur Launchpad token sale and have already added the data about this token to Metamask, then these tokens will be the first to be debited to your account for purchasing areas and only then- Matic tokens.


Click the left mouse button to select an area of the Wall you would like to purchase. Click on "Buy area" or "Add areas to make a cluster" if you would like to buy a cluster - a group of areas. When buying a cluster, use the left mouse button to designate the group of areas you want to buy and click "Buy cluster" (pic. 2).


Confirm the transaction in "MetaMask" by clicking the "Confirm" button. You need to have several Matic tokens in your Polygon wallet to pay  transaction fees. The transaction fees are very low - about 0.001–0.0006 Matic. However, if there are no Matic tokens in your wallet, the transaction will fail

That's it!

Step-by-step instruction