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The Wall Global ACcount Setup: creating clusters

What is this guide about

This guide is about working with The Wall Global project. Certain settings are required in order to purchase and dispose of areas of the Wall.
This part of the series shows how to combine areas into cluster.

What is The Wall Global?

The wall is a virtual art space divided into square areas. Each area is a separate NFT token that can be transferred, sold or leased. For ease of operation, areas can be combined into clusters, with each cluster also representing an NFT token.

What is needed

  1. Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave)
  2.  Metamask wallet, connected to Polygon
  3.  A couple of native Matic tokens for paying thansaction fees.
  4. Purchased Wall area(s)

How to start

Open the project's website at
Double-check that the address is correct and follow the instructions below.

What is a cluster

A cluster is a group of areas created to make managing them faster — i.e. to transfer, sale, lease, and configure several areas at once.

How to combine areas into a cluster

Step-by-step instruction


First, give a name to the cluster. Select "My places", "Clusters", and then "Create new". Enter a name in the box and click "Save".


Select "Areas", then "Show areas", click on one of the areas, enter the three points and select "Include in cluster".


In the window that appears, click on the arrow, select the name of your cluster and click "Save". Repeat this step with the other your areas.

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