FAQ Category EN: CPT for LIXI Exchange

What about the distribution of LIXI tokens?

The exchange of CPT for LIXI will not lead to a redistribution of tokens — those who own CPT tokens and exchange them for LIXI will own the same number of new LIXI tokens. Those who do not exchange remain the owners of CPT tokens.

Will Latoken convert my CPTs to LIXI?

The new LIXI coin circulates only within the CPT Point platform and has no connection with external exchanges such as Latoken or HitBTC. To exchange CPT for LIXI, CPT tokens should be transferred into your personal account on the CPT Point platform.

What happens to the CPT token after the launch of the LIXI token?

The CPT token will remain in circulation and will be available for trading on all existing platforms (HitBTC, Latoken, CPT Point). Its value will be determined by its availability for exchange for the LIXI token that will be used as the settlement unit in the Cryptaur economy.

Is it fair to freeze 95% of tokens in the exchange process?

This exchange is optional for CPT holders. By agreeing to the exchange, the user agrees to its terms. Freezing of tokens is necessary in order to ensure a smoother transition to the new token and avoid sharp rate fluctuations, so this measure is in the common interests of all holders.